Our ability to adapt to changing market conditions, combined with embracing flexibility, have been important elements to ensuring our operational existence over the past 18 years.

One such example is the evolution of the logistics elements of our business. The supply chain from distribution was the obvious point of leverage, as it carries a zero cost to us, is outsourced by distribution and therefore immediately scalable as and when required, on a national level.

The ability to strip these costs from our business almost completely is a significant contributor to operating profitably at low margins. A change which brings significant benefit to our clients by removing unnecessary costs and steps per process.

  • Rapid delivery - The step of delivering to us for processing and invoicing prior to dispatching to clients has been eliminated
  • Immediate dispatch from client fulfilment needs to be held at distribution level - A step eliminated by not having to issue a PO against stock holding and scheduling a driver to collect from distribution
  • Access to the distributors large scale technical department for imaging, asset tagging and the addition of accessories, a step which has gone a long way in reducing turnaround times in instances of DOA (dead on arrival) machines being swapped out. A usual 3-day process, reduced to a matter of minutes as swap out and replacement stock is on hand immediately

Our warehouse facilities in Midrand bring the benefit of quicker delivery times and a central location for order consolidation and configuration. Our large product offering can mean many different suppliers being utilised to fulfil an order. With an understanding that IT divisions are extremely busy and stressful environments, we place an emphasis on making a single delivery per order, so as not to disrupt your working environment unnecessarily. 

Orders, which do not require configuration and are obtainable from a single distributor, will be delivered directly to you through the distributor's courier service. Utilising this service not only benefits our customers through a cost saving but a far shorter delivery time from order.


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